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History PhotoArchitectural Environments, Inc was established in 1990 to serve the emerging pharmaceutical and biotech community in all aspects of construction and maintenance services. Since then we have grown into a comprehensive construction services company working with many global pharmaceutical customers as well as numerous industry start-ups. Our honest and collaborative approach has earned us the reputation of providing practical advice and innovative construction solutions that recognize the physical and financial constraints under which many of our clients often operate. We have built long standing partnerships with our customers, contractors and consultants borne of trust, loyalty, teamwork, and flexibility.

Longevity is one of the best indicators of a successful model. With several twenty year clients, AEI has a proven formula that works. Understanding our clients’ needs and prioritizing their satisfaction never goes out of style and we are committed to that mentality on all of our projects. Clients appreciate this dedication and our ability replicate it with enthusiasm time and time again.

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